Deliver anything, anywhere,
with DeliverX

DeliverX aims to revolutionize the last-mile logistic industry by enabling everyone to be part of and contribute to the last-mile of package delivery.


Safe, efficient and transparent last-mile delivery.

The DeliverX platform offers a decentralized logistic marketplace for last-mile delivery and enables everyone to become a courier. Whether you're a consumer that wants to send a package to a friend, a big logistic player that wants to deliver more efficient, a delivery restaurant that needs couriers or a person that wants to earn some extra money by becoming a courier. It’s all possible with DeliverX.

A decentralized logistic marketplace for everyone.

DeliverX offers a logistic online marketplace for everyone to be part of. With DeliverX you can easily send packages anywhere. Just add a delivery order to DeliverX via our web-app or API and our matchmaking algorithm will find a courier that can pick up and deliver your orders anywhere you want, whenever you want.

  • Couriers
  • Webshops
  • Local shops
  • Consumers
  • Delivery restaurants
  • Everyone

Sending packages was never so easy.

Are you a retailer, a big or small e-commerce company or a delivery restaurant? Or do you simply want to send a package you sold online? With DeliverX you will always find a courier that can deliver your packages or meals within no time, anywhere you want.

Become a DeliverX courier today.

Are you a delivery agency or do you have some spare time or cargo space left? Become a DeliverX courier! Everyone can become a courier within the DeliverX network. Simply sign up and you’ll be matched with orders that you can pick up and deliver.

Why use DeliverX?


Because of blockchain technology you know exactly what happens to your package. So no missing packages ever again.


With the DeliverX app you can track your courier and order live on GPS-location.


Couriers can help each other out by buying and selling their delivery contracts. This way delivery can become lot more efficient and cause less CO2 emission.


DeliverX offers an open and decentralized crowdsourcing ecosystem in which everybody can become a courier, generate income and contribute to a better and cleaner world.

The DeliverX network

DeliverX Roadmap

DEC 2017

The DeliverX seed was planted last December. We started writing our whitepaper and setting up the DeliverX core-team.

JAN 2018

In January we started pitching, sharing and improving on the DeliverX whitepaper.

FEB 2018

We will start building our first MVP and releasing the first release of our whitepaper.

MARCH 2018

In March we will build and test our MVP and roll out our pre-ICO marketing campaign.

APRIL 2018

April will be all about our pre-ICO, we will launch and promote our pre-ICO.

JUNE 2018

Our pre-ICO will end on the 2nd of June.

The DeliverX team

Jantine Doornbos
CEO & co-founder

The DeliverX idea was originally founded by Jantine Doornbos (26), the CEO of FoodDrop. Jantine is a serial entrepreneur with a technical background. She studied Information Science at the University of Groningen and has much knowledge of the last-mile of delivery because of her learnings within FoodDrop.

Wouter Brouwer
CCO & co-founder

Wouter Brouwer (39) is graduated in Economics and Financial markets at HAN University. He is an early blockchain entrepreneur and professional speaker. He has a very broad network with deep roots in the SME market through whole Europe.

Nick ter Horst
CTO & co-founder

Nick ter Horst (31) is a full-stack software engineer with expertise in back-end software development. He graduated in Technical Informatics at the Hanze University and has been an senior backend developer for over 9 years.

Ate van der Werff
CIO & co-founder

Ate van der Werff (31) is a full-stack developer. He graduated in Communication & Multimedia at Hanze University. He loves to translate passion and feeling to technology.

Token supply

DeliverX offers a lot of solutions to the multi-trillion dollar industry of last-mile delivery. We are fully committed to bring the DeliverX platform to life. To make this possible we are running a Token Generation Event or “TGE” to sell an initial supply of our tokens in order to kickstart the DeliverX economy and supplement funding to help us deliver the best product possible. There will be a fixed amount of 500 million DLX tokens that will ever exist, not all tokens will be in circulation from the start. Our target is to reach a total hardcap of $15 million to start developing and promoting the DeliverX platform. The chart below shows the breakdown of the DLX funds after the token sale.

In total, during our ICO, 200 million DLX tokens (45 percent of the total token supply) will be offered for public sale, with a nominal of $ 0.075 per token. During the Pre-ICO, 20 Million DLX tokens (10 percent of the total public sale) will be offered to early investors, at a price of $ 0.0675 per token. During the main ICO, all other tokens will be offered at a price of $ 0.075 per token.